Equipment Rental Information

The Golf Shop at Torrey Pines provides rental items for use on the property on the day of play only. Please note that the golf shop does not offer advance reservations for equipment rentals.

Rental and Range Fees
 Golf Clubs
18-holes: $75
(includes 6-Pack of Titleist Velocity golf balls)
Twilight: $45


Rental service for clubs are arranged on the day of play. Advance reservations are not available.

  • Mens standard club sets (also appropriate for juniors 5 foot 6 inches [170 cm] or taller) are available in regular flex shafts.
  • A limited number of stiff-flex shaft sets are available for golfers with higher club head speeds. Please note that irons with stiff-flex shafts will have a less forgiving “players” head design.
  • A limited number of senior-flex shaft sets are available for adult golfers with slower swing speeds.
  • Women's clubs (also appropriate for juniors 5 feet to 5 feet 6 inches [150-170 cm] tall) are available in a softer shaft flex for slower swing speeds and feature larger, more forgiving iron head designs.
  • Please note that we do not stock sets suitable for junior golfers under 5 feet tall.
Golf carts 

$45 / 18-hole rate; provides service for two riders
$30 / 9-hole/twilight rate; two rider capacity

Push carts

$10 per golfer

Golf shoes

$10 per golfer

Range balls

$8 to $14 depending on bucket size