Shipping Transit Delays

How long will it take to get your order? (a note on order processing and shipping transit times)

Please note that order processing time (the time it takes to handle your purchase prior to being shipped) and the carrier's shipping service selected at checkout from the online store are not dependent on one another. Handling time prior to shipping is typically 1 to 3 business days, but maybe longer due to events conducted at the golf course.  Please note that we do not offer expedited processing time options or over-night carrier service.

A note on USPS delays.

As you've probably heard, packages delivered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) have experienced slow downs created by recent changes within the postal service. This is particularly true during the holiday season. 

Here's a quick summary on what we know so far and what you can expect when you place an order with us.

Will your package be delayed?
Sometimes there is a delay on our end in shipping out-of-stock items that are on back order with our suppliers. If this is the case you'll receive an email or phone call offering you alternative colors or styles that can ship immediately.

We offer Priority Mail, 1st Class Mail, and Retail Ground service options during checkout of our online store. Typical transit time is *supposed* to take about 1-3 business days on average for Priority and 1st Class services, and 2-8 days for Retail Ground.

But some packages are taking a lot longer than that. They seem to be delayed somewhere between the time our carrier takes possession of the packages and when the local USPS facility scans them into their systems. When this happens, tracking information only shows that a label has been printed and the package has not been picked up by the carrier--even though that is definitely not the case. The bad news is that the only information we have on the location or delivery date for a specific package is the same tracking information that you're probably watching.

Why doesn't the Golf Shop at Torrey Pines switch to UPS or Fed-Ex for online orders?
The Golf Shop at Torrey Pines online store is sticking with USPS for now because if we switch carriers (say, to UPS or FEDEX) your shipping costs will increase dramatically. Depending on how far you are from San Diego, the price you would have to pay to receive a package from us could as much as double.

Why can't we tell you where your package is?
Like any other small business, we have no control over a package once we hand it over to the carrier. And no, we don't have a way to make the postal service move faster and there's not a secret phone number retailers can call to find out information that's not on the tracking page.

What if you have a time-sensitive purchase?
Unfortunately, we don't have an alternative solution at this time. If you are purchasing a gift, please let us know and we'll do everything we can to process the order in the least amount of time before we hand the package over to our carrier. We also suggest you alert your recipient to the possibility that it may not make it in time for their "big day".