Gift Certificates

Image of a Torrey Pines gift certificate
Please note:
  • Torrey Pines Gift Certificates are sold in person at our retail store located at the golf course or over the phone.
  • Gift certificates cannot be used as a direct payment method for green fees collected by the golf starter.
  • To learn more about gift cards sold by the City of San Diego golf services, please visit: Alternatively, send an email message to the Torrey Pines customer support team at:

How to use a Torrey Pines Gift Certificate to Purchase Merchandise or Services Online

 If you have a gift certificate issued by The Golf Shop at Torrey Pines (see example above), you can checkout of our online store using the manual payment method of Torrey Pines Gift Certificate.

After you complete your checkout and submit your order, please choose one of the following methods to have your gift certificate redeemed:

  1. Clearly sign and date the front of gift certificate in ink. Snap a picture of the marked up certificate with your phone's camera and then email that image to: or,
  2. Sign and date the gift certificate. Place the certificate in an envelope and mail it to: The Golf Shop at Torrey Pines, C/O Online Orders, 11480 N. Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, CA 92037

Please note that your order will be marked as unpaid until we receive the gift certificate (or its image) and confirm its authenticity. We cannot refund or carry over a balance for any unused portion of your gift certificate--please make sure your order is equal to or greater than the value of your certificate.

After verifying the certificates' value, we'll apply that dollar amount to your order. If there is a balance due, we will invoice you for that amount. If the certificate’s value fully covers your purchase, we’ll mark the order as paid and ship your items.

After you receive confirmation that your order has been accepted, the gift certificate's value will be $0 (zero dollars) and you may destroy it.